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The most important step for a beautiful and long lasting exterior project is surface preparation.
Proper preparation starts with the scraping and sanding of all pealing areas.
All loose paint/stain and defective caulking must be removed.
All surfaces must be washed free from mildew and dirt in order to achieve maximum adhesion of coating material. Gaps between adjoining wood, or wood and masonry should be sealed with elastomeric sealant and rusty surfaces must be properly prepared prior to the application of primers, paints and stains. 

      Merkouris Painters emphasizes on being neat and achieving long lasting results.
Throughout the process of surface preparation and paint application , we pay special attention in uncovering and informing you of problematic wood areas that would jeopardize your investment and the durability of the project. In addition we provide solutions for proper exterior maintenance & washing (read next topic) that would ensure the maximum return on your investment by increasing the longevity of the exterior coats.
We would be happy to answer all your questions regarding pricing, material as well as workmanship and procedures.

Exterior Washing & Maintenance

        The quality of exterior surfaces can be extended with proper care and maintenance.
This consists of regularly removing mold and mildew growth which destroys the coating's film.
Washing exterior surfaces via chemical wash or power wash can extend the life of exterior coated
surfaces and result in long term savings.
Merkouris Painting provides inexpensive solution for proper maintenance of exterior surfaces.

We specialize in: Residential, Commercial, New homes, Track homes, Painting, Maintenance,
                            Carpentry, Wood Staining, Texture, Artworks.

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